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Expert Opinions about allergy and air purification system

“Electrostatic system generates the electrical ion to trap the particle which the efficiency gradually decreases. The electrostatic generator is doubt about safety if people continuosly receive the electrical ion.”

From the book “Dustmite Destruction” by Dr.Sirinan Boonyaleephan and Assoc.Prof.Chalermchai boonyaleephan

“Ozone is the potent lung irritant. The high intensity of ozone stimulate the respiratory diseases espically in asthma, chronic lung disease, children and senior. Therefore, ozone in air purifier is not suitable to kill virus but rather cause the bad effect.

From the book “Q&A Allergy” by Dr.Chaweewan Boonnak and Wanna Mahakittikhun

“Many people misunderstand that ozone is useful to health. There are businessmen advertise and sell the ozone generator. In fact, ozone is respiratory irritatant which cause irritation and inflammation. Besides, it induces eye,nose, and skin irritation especially in allergy.”

From the book “Be aware allergy risk” by Dr.Phiphat Chuvoravet and Dr.Noppamat Chuvoravet

“Ozone generator cause bad effect to respiraoty system”

From “Allergy, Allergic to Weather” by Dr.Sirinan Boonyaleephan and Assoc.Prof.Chalermchai Boonyaleephan

“People who breath the ozone can have asthma manner. And asthma patient can have more severe effect.”

From the book “Allergy and Asthama” by Dr.Nikom Warachoom, Alergy Expert

“How to buy air purifier… It should have no positive/negative ion and ozone gemerator for respiratory safety”

From the book “Allergy, Allergic to Dustmite” by Dr.Sirinan Boonyaleephan and Assoc.Prof.Chalermchai Boonyaleephan

“Do not use air conditiner which equipped with ozone Generator. Eventhough ozone can do poison oxidation, virus kill, and allergy reduction but the product from its reaction is more danger.”

From the book “Air Pollution and Air Quality Management” by Assoc.Prof.Vanida CheenSart of Chulalongkorn University

“Ozone is an irritant gas that reacts with lung tissue and can cause asthma attacks; coughing; chest discomfort; irritation of the nose, throat, and trachea; and other adverse health effects.”

From “Residential Air Cleaners” by United States Environmental Agency (EPA)

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